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About The Apostille Process

Those who have strong international ties are familiar with the apostille process. If you are new to it, our goal here today is to share with you several important points about the process of getting an apostille. Even if you’ve been through the process many times, you may learn something new here! We invite you to read on and familiarize (or reacquaint) yourself with the process.

Fact 1: Documents Need To Be Authenticated Correctly To Be Accepted

When a foreign agency needs to see one of your documents for whatever reason, it’s important that your documents are seen as legal and authorized. Going through the apostille process correctly will ensure that your documents are accepted by the requesting agency.

Fact 2: An Apostille Streamlines The Document Authentication Process

Without an apostille, it can take a long time and a considerable amount of money to verify the legality and authenticity of a document. With an apostille, the process is streamlined, saving you time and money.

Fact 3: The Apostille Overcomes Language Barriers That Could Cause Delays

There are so many languages spoken around the world! The apostille process is a method of authenticating documents that many nations will accept as valid, regardless of any language barriers that may be present.

What’s more, a reputable firm like 123 Apostilles that has been serving clients for over 15 years can also provide translation services, when needed.

Fact 4: The Process Is Efficient, But Not Instantaneous

Even though getting an apostille these days is a fairly quick process, you still need to give it the required length of time to complete. The process is not instantaneous, so be sure to allocate enough time if you have an important deadline coming up.

Fact 5: Authentication Certificates Are Available For Many Nations

An apostille is recognized by the many nations that participate in the Hague Convention’s international treaty. However, there are countries that do not participate. In these cases, an authentication certificate can be issued in place of an apostille.

Be aware that they’re both official, but they’re not quite the same thing. While an apostille does not require any further legalization, an authentication certificate may. It’s possible that the certificate will require additional authentications by the U.S. State Department.

Turn To 123 Apostilles for Reliable, Punctual Service

Here at 123 Apostilles, we provide professional apostille services to individuals across the nation. In addition to knowing the requirements in the United States and Mexico, we are well-versed in what other nations around the world need in terms of authentication. We work closely with each client to streamline the apostille process and assist in the smooth processing of document authentication for international use.

We can provide apostille services for birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates, university degrees, professional certificates, signed and sealed school transcripts, income verification affidavits, and numerous types of government-issued documents. We work with each client to help you make sure you’re going through the proper channels and getting the correct authentications. For punctual, reliable apostille service, get in touch with 123 Apostilles today!