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  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    Step 1: Let's start with your FIRST Document   What Service are you looking for? Apostille/Authentication for documents not being used inside U.S.A. Apostilla for documents not being used inside U.S.A. Translation Service ONLY Notary Public Service in San Diego California ONLY Notario Publico S…Read More

  3. 123 Apostille (pronounced “ah-po-steel”)

    123 Apostille (pronounced “ah-po-steel”)   At 123 Apostille, We process Apostille Authentications for any type of document from the United States and Mexico to be used in any other Foreign country including Notary Public and Certified Translation services in Multiple languages! For an Ameri…Read More

  4. apostille service - how to apostille a document

    What Is An Apostille?

    The Big Question: What Is It? Unless you deal with international business, relocation, immigration, or travel, you’ve probably never heard of the word “apostille.” However, if you do have international dealings, then you likely already know firsthand how important an apostille can be. It opens…Read More