We appreciate you filling out our Checkout questionnaire and entrusting us with your Order!

  1. Prior to sending your documents, you may email us a scanned copy of them to info@123Apostille.com to make sure they meet all the requirements.
  2. If a Shipping Label was purchased, we will reply with it right after reviewing your documents with the approval to send them over. If not, see our office address below.
  3. You may also submit payment along with your documents in the form of a Check or Money Order payable to 123 Apostille.
  4. If you requested an appointment, or If we need more information from you to complete your order, we will be in contact with you shortly!
  5. For Local Drop-Offs that don’t require a Notary Signature and Order is paid for, you may drop off your documents at our secured Drop Box (located on the wall to the right of our hallway office entry door of Suite 200).

Depending on your order, your process could take as quickly as 1-7 Business Days plus any Air Shipping time (typically Overnight for Domestic and Priority 1-4 Day for International) but may take longer due to any unforeseen circumstances.

We strive to work as quickly as possible to give your paperwork the authority it deserves! Please feel free to contact us with any other questions/concerns about our apostille process, orders, or anything else. Please take a moment to read our website’s Refund Policy as well.

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