apostille service - how to apostille a document

The Big Question: What Is It?

Unless you deal with international business, relocation, immigration, or travel, you’ve probably never heard of the word “apostille.” However, if you do have international dealings, then you likely already know firsthand how important an apostille can be. It opens doors that otherwise would remain tightly shut.

The word itself is French, and it simply means “certification.” Here are the basics of what an apostille is and what it can do for you:

  • An apostille is a form of official authentication given to documents.
  • These documents are required for some specific reasons by an agency in a foreign country.
  • That country participates in the Hague Convention of 1961.
  • An apostille is designed to streamline the document authentication process and overcome language barriers.
  • The apostille is formatted by a numbered field so that data can be more easily understood by the receiving nation, regardless of the language it’s written in.

What if the country that requires authenticated documents from you does not participate in the Hague Convention’s international treaty? In such cases, apostilles are not used, but authentication certificates can be issued instead.

The main difference between an apostille and an authentication certificate is that an apostille does NOT require further legalization, but an authentication certificate MAY require further authentication by the U.S. State Department before it’s sent overseas.

When Might You Need Apostille Services?

Now that we’ve established what an apostille is and how it differs from an authentication certificate, let’s go over when you might need apostille services.

If you plan to do business overseas, you are relocating to another country because of a job, you are starting the process of immigrating to another country, you plan to do extensive traveling, or you’re doing any type of official business with a nation outside of the United States, you will very likely need an apostille or an authentication certificate. The primary purpose of an official apostille stamp, essentially, is legalization of documents.

These are just some of the documents that an apostille services provider can process for you:

  • USA birth, marriage, death, or divorce certificates
  • Signed and sealed school transcripts
  • Official copies of licenses, IDs, or passport ID pages
  • Power of attorney
  • Adoption papers
  • Articles, bylaws, and operating agreements for companies
  • Income verification affidavit
  • Consent by a parent for a child to travel
  • Immigration certificate
  • U.S. social security document

Depending on the nature of your business or overseas dealings, many other types of documents can be processed for apostille or authentication.

The apostille process is available for member countries of the Hague Convention. This is an extensive list with over 80 members, including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, the European Union, France, Greece, India, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Poland, the Philippines, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam, Zambia, and many others.

Where Can You Go To Get An Apostille?

Often, you can get an apostille from a notary provider, but not always. In general, a notarized document is used within the United States, while the apostille process is used when dealing with legal requirements by other nations.

A good apostille services provider is well-versed and highly experienced in working with Washington DC and all 50 states to verify, authenticate, and legalize documents required by countries outside of the United States.

Here at 123 Apostille, we can assist with the legalization of your documents. While we are based in San Diego, we work with clients across the nation and in Mexico as well. As part of our apostille services, we can help you obtain the proper required documentation, saving you time and money while avoiding unnecessary headaches!

To Learn More About Apostille Services

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